<strong>Nuno & Cobweb Felt</strong>

Made from merino wool and silk.

Cerise pink nuno felt scarf ... SOLD

Each scarf is hand made using the felting process which allows me to work with color, fleece and silk, producing a piece of art work. Although felting is a laborious process (the rubbing, rolling and throwing) it is a labour of love. Felting relies on the unique properties of wool and its propensity to matt together and shrink under friction, moisture and heat. When wool is subjected to friction its fibres will shrink and matt together. The use of hot and cold water alternately will speed up this process. The finished garment is softer and has more drape, transparency and flexibility than traditional felt. 'Nuno' the Japanese word for fabric, is a lighter form of felting and my scarves can be worn comfortably all year round.

More images of the colours and designs I have made can be seen by clicking the image on the gallery page.